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Our philosophy
While protecting people, pets and property, we believe the lives of the animals should be spared where possible.
Wildlife problems can and should be resolved with compassion - humanity, respect for the value of life - all life, and the environment.
Methods used should not inflict unnecessary stress or pain, separate mothers from young, or move animals from their home-territory.
Every wildlife conflict is an opportunity to encourage respect, compassion, tolerance and inspire peaceful co-existence.
Read more about our Code of Ethics, HERE.
Why choose us?
We are one of about 18 service providers in the United States that offer, exclusively, humane solutions. 
We're a family owned business with decades of wildlife and construction experience.
We want what you want - to find an affordable, permanent solution.
Where traditional pest control companies focus on trapping and killing the animals, we focus on the cause, for lasting results.
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