Services we offer:
  • Removal of birds from buildings
  • Removal of vacant nests
  • Exclusions and deterrents
  • Repairs and cleanup


The Migratory Bird Treaty Act

Most wild birds are federally protected. They must not be chased, harassed, captured or harmed in any way. Their eggs and nests are also protected.

Occasionally, it may be necessary to move a bird or its nest. We are permitted through the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to handle protected migratory birds on a case by case basis.


Addressing Bird Problems

The key to resolving most bird-related problems is changing the birds' behavior by eliminating shelter or food resources and manipulating the surroundings to make it less attractive - more inhospitable for the birds.


Birds In Buildings

Occasionally, a bird will find its way into a building by accident. Once inside, birds tend to panic looking for a way out. Windows pose a great risk. They see windows as a means of escape and often crash into the glass at full speed.

NEVER chase a bird that's trapped inside a building.

  • Open all doors, windows and skylights.
  • Cover windows and skylights that can't be opened.
  • Turn inside lights off.
  • Keep the area by the open windows and doors clear of people.
  • Keep the rest of the room as quiet and free of people as possible.

If the bird still doesn't find its way out, wait until dusk - we've had a lot of birds find their way out just after the sun sets.


Birds On Buildings

Birds loafing or nesting on buildings can be a nuisance. We offer a number of humane solutions to get birds to move off and stay off.

During nesting season, we only work on nest sites that are not yet active.