6 owl nest boxes in one day!

6 owl nest boxes in one day!

On August 7th, a group of Carmel Valley Garden Club members, Tom Gano, Greg Thompson, Bob Byrne, Ed Morrow, Dean Hatfied, and John Brocco, gathered at Ed Dickson's house to build a few barn owl nest boxes.

Using Humane Wildlife Control's unique design, the men constructed 6 owl nest boxes by the end of the day. Peggy Dickson provided refreshments and lunch.


Barn owls are excellent hunters. They predate mostly on small rodents - mice, rats, gophers and voles. Once established, they are fairly sedentary and will remain in an area their entire life, producing an average of 4-6 chicks every year - sometimes twice a year.

One barn owl chick can consume the equivalent of 12 mice per night, so having a pair of resident barn owls on your property is a great way to control rodent populations naturally.

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