Rebecca Dmytryk, CEO

Rebecca has worked with wildlife since the early 1980's. She is a leading authority on wildlife capture. Her first book, Wildlife Search and Rescue: A Guide for First Responders (Wiley Blackwell) was published in 2012.

Currently, Rebecca heads Wildlife Emergency Services, a nonprofit which offers wildlife consulting and emergency response training, as well as local assistance with difficult and technical rescues.

At home in Elkhorn, with her husband Duane Titus, Rebecca enjoys naturescaping, photography, painting, and hiking.

Check out Rebecca's CV, HERE.


Duane Titus, Director

Duane is a licensed electrical contractor with over 25 years in the construction trades. His specialized knowledge and skills come in handy when he's inspecting buildings for signs of animal activity, or making repairs to keep animals out, for good.

Duane also has extensive wildlife capture and handling experience. In addition to the many rescues he's performed, from entangled deer to sick bobcats, Duane was a lead responder during the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Check out this article from the Monterey Herald.

At home, Duane enjoys tinkering and building things and engaging with other amateur radio operators. He also enjoys camping in the Eastern Sierras, loves fishing, and hiking with his dogs.


Tamara Williams, Wildlife Technician

Tami has lived most of her life on the Monterey Peninsula where she honed her construction skills, specializing in custom builds.

With her construction background, a knack for creative problem solving and a love for all creatures, she handles wildlife jobs with enthusiasm, confidence and a big smile.

At home with her dog Kayden, Tami enjoys creative writing. She also loves camping and travel.



Angus is a boxer-lab mix rescue from Kentucky.

He has and excellent nose and keen ability to locate active gopher holes and rodent intrusion points.

Angus also assists in locating wild animals hiding inside homes and big buildings. He also likes to make sure our deterrents are in good working order. Check it out.

Angus enjoys long walks on the beach, swimming and dining out.




Jasper is a boxer-shepherd mix from Modesto.

On the job, Jasper locates active ground squirrel holes and applies pressure to get the squirrels out from under hedges and shrubbery and into their burrow system.

At home Jasper enjoys playing fetch, and loves to fetch. His favorite pastime is fetch.


'Bob the Rat' (2019-2022)

Bob was our mascot rat. He was well socialized and extremely gentle. Bob would travel with the team to certain job sites to help break the ice and meet people.

Bob's favorite foods included wild dandelion greens, avocado, pecans, blueberries and lobster.

Just before his 3rd birthday, Bob's respiratory issues got worse to where we felt it best to let him before he suffered. After a wonderful meal he was given a sedative and humanely euthanized in his home.






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