Commercial Services
  • Property Management Solutions

    Because we know how important it is to respond to a tenant's concerns quickly, we offer 24-hour on-demand service for swift intervention. We take pride in our professionalism and our ability to resolve wildlife problems efficiently and discreetly.

    We also offer thorough inspections of commercial and residential properties. Each inspection includes a comprehensive report, with recommendations and an estimate of associated costs.

  • Real Estate Inspections

    Buying or selling? Let us help you identify current and or potential wildlife issues. Inspections include assessment of a building's exterior, subfloor crawlspace, attic, roof, and yard. Our reports will detail our findings, recommendations on remediation of any issues, and an estimate of associated costs.

  • Wildlife-Safe Rodent Control

    In place of commonly used rodenticides that pose a risk to pets and wildlife (see more HERE), we recommend bait stations filled with a fairly new product called RatX, We believe RatX is the only truly wildlife-safe rodenticide available in the United States. EcoClear, the makers of RatX, states RatX is 100% non-toxic to people, pets and wildlife yet deadly to rats and mice, with no risk of secondary kill.

    We offer delivery of pre-filled bait stations for restaurants, apartment buildings, hotels and other types of establishments.

    Our state issued Applicator's License allows us to place RatX bait stations outdoors, however, at this time we can only deliver pre-filled bait stations for indoor use, not actually place them.

  • Barn owls for natural rodent control

    Barn owls are superior hunters, preying on small nocturnal mammals including mice, rats, voles, and gophers. Install a nest box to encourage barn owls to your property for natural rodent control! 

    Not only will they help control rodents, the owls can generate a lot of positive attention, especially if you install a camera for live-streaming. Check out the camera feed from an owl box at the Haute Enchilada restaurant in Moss Landing, HERE.