Looking for a Forever Home


This is a lovely female tortoiseshell and white kitten, approximately 4 months old. Spayed, microchipped and rabies vaccinated.

She was captured as a stray on one of our job sites where we are capturing feral and abandoned cats to get them health checked and fixed, and she turned out to be very, very sweet.

While she still has "wild", survivalist tendencies, like hiding in corners, she loves to be with people and is extremely affectionate.



We are looking to place her with someone who can commit to a certain level of care and provide a safe indoor home environment with plenty of human companionship.

We require prospective adoptees be willing to commit to her being an indoor cat only. Outdoor activity would be limited to a catio or cat garden.

She will bond with her human companion more so if she is the only cat. Perfect cat for a retiree or person who works from home.

We will provide new owners with up to an hour of on site consulting, advising on how to best introduce her into her new home and feline relationship tips.

Please contact us if you're interested in adopting this lovely kitten.