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Live-Catch Traps

Atomic Barbie AB

12" Single-door
live-catch rodent trap.

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Deterrents and Repellents

Solar Repeller

Solar motion activated
animal repeller.

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Predator Guard

Solar LED deterrent.

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Critter Ridder

Animal repellent.

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Yard Sentinel

Motion-activated battery
operated pest repeller.

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Stay Away Rodent

Natural and safe repellent.

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Pest Repeller

Rodent repeller.

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Yard Enforcer

Battery operated, motion activated sprinkler.

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Fresh Cab

Natural and safe rodent repellent.

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Scare Tape

Holographic scare tape.

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Exclusion Barriers


Protect vehicles and machinery.
Lightweight but sturdy!

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Argus Pro, Argus Eco
E1, E1 Pro

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Environmentally Friendly Resources


Compostable, biodegradable,
sustainable packaging

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Green Printer

Eco papers and
vegetable-based inks.

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