Services we offer:

  • Remote and on-site consulting
  • Nest removal (case by case)

Wasps are incredibly valuable insects. Not only do they help with pollination, they are beneficial as predators of ‘pest’ species. Please check out this article on wasps, HERE. And watch the video on the left sidebar.

Also, bee aware there are a number of different species of wasps. Some are more aggressive than others. Some, more tolerant of human activity near their nests. We recommend leaving wasps nests alone, especially if they present little to no risk to you, your family or pets. They are remarkably beneficial insects to have around the garden.

That said, should you discover an in-ground yellowjacket nest and you’re determined to destroy it (not recommended), then instead of reaching for an insecticide please call us for more information on how to destroy the nest without the use of harmful insecticides.

Or, see if you can attract a skunk to do the job for you. Check out this video, of a skunk digging out a yellowjacket nest.