Coyote in park


Through ongoing research and development, Humane Wildlife Control Inc. continues to set standards in the industry.

We recently devised a unique outdoor barrier system to prevent rodents - mice, rats and ground squirrels, from entering large outdoor areas, like gardens and orchards. REB'S Rodent Exclusion Barrier System is relatively simple and inexpensive to install.

Additionally, we have established criteria for the American barn owl nest box that provides more room for the owls, resulting in an overall safer environment, which has proven to increase the number of owlets that survive to fledge.

Rebecca Dmytryk, CEO and President of Humane Wildlife Control Inc., is also one of the founding directors of the Humane Wildlife Control Association, a 501 (c) 6 business league created to improve techniques and standardize humane and non-lethal methods of resolving wildlife conflicts. Through this trade association, members receive training, support and an opportunity to become certified.