Educational Presentations

We offer a number of presentations and workshops on wildlife, suitable for various audiences, from small neighborhood groups to large functions.

Have an idea for a talk? We're happy to tailor a presentation to a specific audience or subject.


Wildlife Wise
45 - 60 min. plus question and answer period

Great for neighborhoods experiencing issues with a variety of wild species. This talk provides tips and tricks to protecting property from wild intruders, from mice to mountain lions.


Living With the Urban Coyote
45 - 60 min. plus demonstration and Q & A

This is one of our most popular presentations, this talk covers the natural history of the Western coyote, why they are attracted to urban areas, and what people can do to stay safe and protect their pets and livestock, including a demonstration on proper hazing. Check out this story, HERE, about a talk we did for the City of Long Beach.


Living Responsibly Among Carnivores
45 min. plus question and answer period

This presentation focuses on large predators, coyote, bobcat, mountain lion and bear, providing helpful tips on how to keep safe and protect pets, property and livestock.


Barn Owls for Rodent Control
30 min. plus question and answer period.

This presentation covers the basic biology of the barn owl and how to encourage them to take up residency by proving a nest box. Instruction on proper design, construction and installation, included. We also offer a hands-on workshop where we actually build a box (allow an additional hour).


For Industry


Non-Lethal Solutions to Urban Wildlife Conflicts 
30 min. plus question and answer period

A general introduction to non-lethal methods and the philosophy behind this approach.


Making a Killing Without Killing
45 min. plus question and answer period

This presentation covers the basic principles of humane and non-lethal approach to resolving wildlife conflicts and a comparison kill versus

Providing non-lethal wildlife control services is not only environmentally and ethically sound, it can be profitable. This presentation will explore the basic principles of humane and non-lethal control and various strategies for addressing wildlife conflicts, emphasizing the advantages and disadvantages of lethal versus non-lethal control, including ecological concerns, ethical considerations, and consumer response.