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  • Repellents and deterrents


Deer can be very frustrating to deal with, but, there are some effective deterrents and repellants that can reduce the presence of deer and keep them away from your garden or orchard.


Egg Spray

This recipe calls for one egg - with shell, a dash of milk, a dash of chili pepper or hot sauce. If you're inclined, similar recipes include the addition of garlic, onion, clove.

Add water to equal a quart and blend well. Let the batch ferment a couple of days - BE CAREFUL OF PRESSURE BUILD-UP.

Next, strain the egg mixture so it doesn’t clog the sprayer and apply on and around the plants the deer are bothering.

This recipe has been know to work for a couple of weeks to a month.

Fish Fertilizer

If and or when your garden or orchard can stand a little boost of nitrogen, spraying liquid fish fertilizer has been know to repel deer nicely.


There are a few deterrents that can be fairly effective, including motion-activated 'scare' devices. It's important these are strategically placed to get the most bang for your buck... so to speak.

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Fences can be a real danger to wildlife. If the openings in the mesh are too large, animals can get their heads stuck or get caught at the hips. Whether you're trying to keep deer out, or not, please take a look at this valuable resource, HERE.