Services we offer:

  • Carbon Monoxide fumigant
  • Eviction and exclusion (from under decks & buildings)
  • REBS Rodent Exclusion Barrier System (gardens & orchards)
  • Habitat modification
  • Educational presentations (in-person and Zoom)

Criteria for Lethal Control of CA Ground Squirrels

We do not condone lethal control of native wildlife, however, we believe there are certain situations where lethal control of gophers and California ground squirrels is acceptable, even necessary. Especially where poison is the alternative.

The following is our criteria for providing lethal control of ground squirrels, using carbon monoxide.

Use of carbon monoxide gas to reduce a population of ground squirrels will be considered when:

the ground squirrels or their burrows pose a risk to human health and safety or,

the health and safety of hoofstock - horses, donkeys or mules or,

where ground squirrel burrows have caused or threaten to cause significant damage to structures, and,

when nonlethal methods have proven unsuccessful or would be unsuccessful, and,

where the land has been and shall continue to be altered by human occupation, and,

where precautions have been taken to reduce risk to other species such as burrowing owls, reptiles and amphibians.

Eviction & Exclusion

Occasionally ground squirrels will make their homes under decks, under accessory buildings, and even crawlspaces under homes. Our solution is to close off all access and instal one-way devices for them to escape safely, but not get back under. Then, make the final repair so no animals get under the space, ever again.


Keeping them out of yards and gardens

Our exclusive Rodent Exclusion Barrier System (REBS) is designed to keep rats and mice from large outdoor areas, like planter boxes and garden beds. It can also be used to prevent easy access by ground squirrels. Give us a call to see if it might work for your situation.