Services we offer:
  • Live animal removal
  • Safe and permanent exclusion
  • Damage repair
  • Feces removal and sanitizing
  • Backyard barriers (keeps wildlife out)
  • Predator-proof poultry enclosures


Raccoons, opossums and skunks predate on mice and rats, but they are also omnivorous scavengers, eating a variety of things, including insects and other invertebrates, plant foods, and carrion.

Like other wildlife, these very adaptable species are attracted to urban areas by the food and shelter we unwittingly provide, and, therein lies the key to solving urban wildlife conflicts - take away their access to the resources and the animals will move on to more hospitable habitat.


Removing the animal(s) won't work

While it's easy to believe, if you get rid of the animal you'll get rid of the problem, that's just not the case. When one animal is removed from an area, another individual moves into the vacant habitat. It's a costly, never-ending battle that serves only the commercial trapper who profits from repeat business.

The intruding animals are not the actual problem, but a symptom. Their presence indicates there are substantial food and or shelter resources nearby. When we focus on the cause - what's attracting the animals, we're able to solve most wildlife problems for good, and, without harming the animals.

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